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Best Ways To Prepare For Your Future Partner

Best way to prepare for your next partner

Often times, singles come to me looking to solve their dating or relationship problems. They want to meet someone special who they believe they can’t find themselves, but the truth is, most of what I do as a professional matchmaker you can do yourself. If you are like any of the singles who grace my inbox, you’re […]

3 Places You Can Find “Mr. Right,” Right Now

3 places where you can find Mr. Right
Women everywhere, we’ve heard your call. If you’ve been wondering where “Mr. Right” has been hiding, wonder no more! Here’s three places you can find your new beau right now. #1 The Bookstore Technology has a way of disrupting creature comforts, but for avid book readers, nothing beats holding a hard copy of a new [...]

How to Avoid Common Online Dating Pitfalls

Online dating has increased in popularity in the last 10 to 15 years, but it certainly does not erase some of the real struggles many daters face. Catfishing, defined by Google as luring someone into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona, is a major phenomenon. Creating a fictitious dating profile and social […]