My name is Jasmine Diaz, celebrity matchmaker, dating strategist and designer of the Bae Planner™.

I created the Bae Planner™ after realizing that my tips, advice and videos had its limits. You can tell someone what to do to better their dating experiences, but showing them how is much more impactful.

If you’re like most singles, struggling to strike a balance between staying employed and finding the love of your life, your work-life is likely winning the war. 

Organizing your dating life is literally the very last thing most people

would even know how to do, but imagine what would happen if you prioritized your love-life as you would every other area of your life.

You didn’t stumble into your career. You made a plan, worked hard, went to college, got a degree and snagged a killer job!

​The same is true with dating. You have to work towards finding your bae, and sitting at home watching episodes of This Is Us will not get you there.

Most everything you need to organize your love-life can be found in the Bae Planner™. Let it be the wing-person you always wanted yet never knew you needed.