More and more often we experts find ourselves offering tips on how not to stay single. But the truth is, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. You don’t need a partner to be happy in life, and there are millions of people who live every moment to the fullest sans a boo-thang.

So how do you show your single pride? Scream it from the rooftops, I say! Here are four tips on how to own your single status.


Dilemma: Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years are holidays that many singles avoid like the plague. No one likes to be reminded of how “lonely” they are, so they hide out in their home just waiting for the day to pass.

Own it: Instead of running away, create your own tradition with those who are closest to you, or simply do it alone! You don’t need an entourage to make the most of these days, and you certainly don’t need a partner to make you more thankful for another year.

Carve up that turkey and binge watch episodes of The Walking Dead if you want. There is no one there to criticize your choices, and it sounds like fun too!

Unsolicited Hookups

Dilemma: Your mom/sister/brother/friend/co-worker (or someone I forgot to mention) wants to hook you up with that adorable (fill in the blank) they saw at the supermarket, so they give up your telephone number and e-mail address. Gee, thanks!

Own it: Tell them you’re perfectly happy being single, and that being alone is not a death sentence. You like your independence and don’t want to answer for the choices you are making in your life, and when that person calls, tell them it was a prank and apologize for the mix-up. Hey, two can play that game.

Singles Anything

Dilemma: Your girl or guy friend is single, so you are encouraged to give up a night of the week that you would rather spend at home just to keep them company. Yay!

Own it: Go the event, but instead of looking like you don’t want to be there, make it your mission to be the party. You don’t have to hook up with anyone in order to have a great time. Remember, singles are people too! The people you meet might have been dragged there too, so make some new friends and toast to the event you both didn’t want to go to.


Dilemma: The media does a great job at making singles feel like they are lonely, lost and desperate, and after a while, you start to question who you are and what life is supposed to be.

Own it: The truth is, there are some great benefits to being single. Stop letting time pressure you into a relationship you’re likely not ready for, nor want to be in. Instead, take a trip. Plan a party. Go to a baseball game. Whatever it is, do you. Don’t let being single drag you down. Let it lift you up!

When you do decide to get into that next relationship, you will not have the opportunity to be selfish anymore, so do it now.

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