Women everywhere, we’ve heard your call. If you’ve been wondering where “Mr. Right” has been hiding, wonder no more! Here’s three places you can find your new beau right now.

#1 The Bookstore

Technology has a way of disrupting creature comforts, but for avid book readers, nothing beats holding a hard copy of a new book. Bookstores are a great resource for single women scouting for single men, because coffee is typically close by, it’s usually quiet and there are women everywhere.

How can you tell if Mr. Bookworm is single or taken? Start with the ring finger. Unlike nightclubs or the gym, a bookstore run is hardly reason enough to ditch your wedding ring. You might also take note of how much time he’s spent there. If the book is near completion, there’s a high chance that he doesn’t have anyone at home waiting for him.

Bookstores are a great pick-up spot because the book is a built-in ice-breaker. So, if you’re thinking about making an approach, take note of the book he’s reading. Do you like the author’s work? Are you attracted to the cover itself? Maybe you consider yourself to be a subject-matter expert. Use these insights to make your move.

Possible Pickup Lines:

“One of us will write a novel about tonight…”

“I’d let you read to me in bed”

“I can show you another book you might be in to”

“Our love story has already been written”

#2 Running Groups

If you’re looking for a new way to merge your singlehood with your quest for health and fitness, try a running group!

Running groups are typically divided by pace or ability, but you’ll quickly learn who is single and who is taken just by the natural order of how the group socializes.

Couples tend to gravitate towards each other as they find common bonds like children and married-life. This makes room for singles to mingle more naturally, but being unmarried does not mean available. It may be best to wait a run or two before making a move to ensure that no spouses or girlfriends pop up on future outings.

Possible Pickup Lines:

“If you think that was a workout, wait until I get you home”

“Need me to help you stretch out after this run?”

“The only place I want you to run is into my heart”

“You’re going to need a protein shake after I’m done with you”

#3 Industry Events

Industry events that cater to your profession can be a great way to connect with like-minded singles. If you’re a doctor, lawyer, scientist or even a journalist, there are trade organizations, conferences and luncheons that cater to people like you.

Many singles are career-minded professionals, which means they have less time to hang out at a bar, but more time to build their professional network. And while most would consider these types of events off-limits, no one said that these events need to be strictly professional. Industry events are social functions!

Men often frequent these functions for the same reasons women do, to meet people! Don’t skip the welcome reception or cocktail parties, instead take advantage of every opportunity to make meaningful connections.

One of the best ways to determine if someone is single at one of these events is to be direct. Professional functions will rarely be singles-only, but there is a high probability of meeting someone who isn’t taken. You just can’t be afraid to ask. “What does your wife think about these events? Boring, right?”

Possible Pickup Lines:

[Doctor] “They say doctors have miracle hands. I’d like to feel yours sometime.”

[Lawyer] “Would you object to me asking for your number? Because I like to be overruled.”

[Tech] “Who wrote your code? I want to thank them for such a handsome program.”

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