]Dating apps are a great tool to meet people, but with too many choices, one can become confused on which is the best option for them.

One thing to consider when evaluating an app is whether it targets the type of singles you hope to connect with. The best thing to come out of the dating app boom is the variety of apps that cater to different types of people. Each exposes you to singles you might not have otherwise met if not for the app.

Step 1: Do your research

What you should look for in an app is numbers. How many users do they have? Which locations do they service? Utilizing an app whose primary market is San Francisco when you are in New York does not really help your cause, so take some time to research a few apps before hitting download.

Dating Apps Ranked 

Tinder: Tinder is great for the casual dater who prefers a lot of options. If you want a fun night or maybe a semi-serious relationship, Tinder is a great app for that.

Bumble: Bumble is a great option for women ages 20 to 45 who know what they want and are great at executing. It puts the power to choose in their hands without all the fuss, but also offers variety.

Hinge: Hinge is ideal for successful single millennials in major markets who prefer like-minded professionals.

Happn: Happn is excellent for singles in big cities like New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles who have an active social life and or an even better social network.

OKCupid: OKCupid is a great option for singles of all ages looking for the best of both worlds: casual dating and long-term relationships. It’s also a good for mature singles.

Coffee Meets Bagel: Coffee Meets Bagel is best for men and women over 30 who prefer a serious relationship with singles who are commitment minded

Step 2: Write a killer bio

A great bio should be contextual. Instead of writing things in keyword terms, “I am fun, outgoing, and giving,” think about ways that you can add context to your personal story.

If you think you’re fun, describe how you’re fun or a fun experience you recently had. If you’re giving, write about how you volunteer every week as a Big Sister. This adds context to your bio.

Also, think about the story you want to tell. What do you want people to know about you? Share your passions, goals and desires for the future, and don’t be afraid to share your personality and sense of humor.

Step 3: Take great photos

There are a few key components to a great profile photo:

  • A great smile: Your profile photo is not a mug shot. Your smile has the power to draw people in, so utilize it in every single shot.
  • Great lighting: Bad lighting can make or break a photo. You only have one shot to impress someone, so don’t lose your one shot because you didn’t care to step out in the sunlight.
  • You (and only you): Posting a group photo is confusing on various levels.
  • Great hair/makeup: There is nothing wrong with a little self-care. Before taking your profile photo, take a moment or two to add a little color to your cheeks and spruce up your hair. Remember, you only have one shot to impress someone.

Along with a great head shot should be great body shot to show your full frame and at least one activity shot. The activity shots should correlate with your bio. If you talked about your passion for rock climbing, add that picture of you in The Andes.

How does one vet their matches?

When you’re in decision mode, you should consider what you most desire from a partner. Do you want someone equally fun, compassionate, kindhearted and giving? Evaluate profiles against this desire. If you’re not finding matches who meet your benchmarks, then perhaps it’s time to reevaluate the app you’re on.

Also consider your relationship goals. Are you looking for long-term love, a casual hook-up or a one-time fling? Each app caters to a different style of dating, so consider this when swiping left or right.

Messaging and arranging dates

The type of messaging you do largely depends on the app you’re using and your own communication style. If you prefer to arrange dates by telephone because you’re not really the text message type, sign up for a Google Voice account as a replacement for giving out your telephone number.

If you prefer to utilize the app’s messaging platform, always arrange a meeting in a well-lit public setting, and share your whereabouts with a friend.

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